Advanced Interactive Design, Incorporated was formed as a software development company mandated to automate telephone conversations also known as Telephony Systems and so a system known as SmartFon was conceived, designed and created.  These automated systems are also known as an interactive voice response system or event tracking, messaging and reporting systems. As conceived; this automated system would also retrieve information from called individuals and return it for analysis and reporting.  To us it is an automated appointments secretary affectionately referred to as SmartFon.

Advanced Interactive Design, Incorporated is proud of this achievement and committed to the improvement, distribution and use of this automated system as well as growing our association as a part of the software development community.

SmartFon increases profit by improving efficiency.


Not convinced by improvements in efficiency? Please know the following: Millions of appointments are made daily promoting a seemless transfer of goods and services.  Appointment scheduling, tracking, confirmation and reporting are the fastest growing segments of the U.S. economy.

And so; the following is true and beyond dispute:

  1. Each new day will find more new appointments than the day before.
  2. A missed appointment is a failure to transfer goods and services.
  3. A failure to transfer goods and services is a loss of both time and money.
  4. A reduction in the no-show rate is an improvement in both efficiency and the bottom-line.
  5. Improved efficiency will make a difference in a world of strict cost control and low profit-margin.

Whether medical or dental the following analysis of a missed appointment is instructive.
People who miss appointments:

  1. Create resource inefficiencies.
  2. Increase the ultimate cost of treatment.
  3. Contribute to their declining health.
  4. Suffer consequences associated with deferred medical or dental attention.
  5. Waste the time and therefore the income opportunities of providers and others.

Everyone involved suffers a loss when anyone involved fails to appear for a scheduled appointment.

The U.S. Veterans Administration recently reported more than 5 million “no-shows” at VA Hospitals. Millions of public and private dollars are lost annually in wasted resources as a result of missed appointments. This obvious waste of resources is true of every appointment-based business. However, this waste can be mitigated.  Forgetfulness is most often cited as the cause for missed appointments. So a simple telephone call reminder would be helpful.

The investment in an automated appointment confirmation service subscription is returned many, many times over.
Consider the following return on investment plan:

  1. Resource reallocation opportunities.
  2. Reductions in labor cost and no-show rates.
  3. Early warning of inefficiencies caused by appointment cancellations and requests to reschedule.

Some alternatives to a high no-show rate problem are:

  1. Ignore it. Hope it will improve.
  2. Increase the existing workforce.
  3. Divert other existing resources.
  4. Out-source appointment confirmation.

Our analysis of these alternatives in worst-better-best order are 1, 2 and 4 respectively:

The very best and most conscientious employee cannot compete with SmartFon.

Let’s examine production and efficiency in a other resources vs SmartFon cost/benefit analysis: The following is consistently true of SmartFon specifically and Office Automation generally.

  1. Easily, efficiently and simultaneously control dozens of telephones lines and conversations.
  2. Process data from 9am to 9pm daily and possess virtually unlimited call generation capacity.
  3. Has no external influence nor ambition and is totally satisfied confirming appointments.
  4. Deliver well-timed, natural-sounding, personalized, appointment specific voice messages.

Of course; against all other resources and in all catagories, the robot wins the competition decisively.

Most appointment-based businesses have automated scheduling but that important first step is insufficient. The next step is to leverage that investment with services that process the data in the scheduling database. Given rules for selection; SmartFon will select appointments and initiate appointment confirmation phone calls.

SmartFon is the Appointment Confirmation Subscription Service that provides this exact solution.

Employee compensation has always risen as it should. Appointment confirmation will become increasingly important. However; appointment confirmation is a task best done by intelligent office automation systems like SmartFon. Human resources are expensive and these expensive and talented other resources can be freed for reallocation. Intelligent systems are tools with which employers provide employees to increase productivity and job satisfaction. Office Automation Tools are reputed to be the most important determinant in attracting and retaining key employees. Office Automation Tools are the competitive-edge in today’s marketplace of narrow profit-margins and cost controls. Technology and human resource management may determine the profitability of your company in tomorrow’s tough market.

SmartFon will track, confirm and report on an appointment for less than the cost to send first class mail.

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